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One Badminton Match

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In order to rich staff’s amateur cultural life ,to strengthen staff’s health, to encourage the communication of the group, In the morning of 1 September,2012,our company hold one “friendly singles and doubles “ badminton match in trade union activities club. All the staffs took part in it actively Including 26 males and females of different departments.
The match began at 9 o’clock, many players came at an early time, they were full of vim and vigour, with good teen spirit, they did some warm-up in some familiar playing field, they play with each other and encourage each other. When the match began ,with the password of the umpire, all the players expressed their ability. All of them showed their excellent skills and flexibletactics, there were many applause from people off the field all the time, they cheer for the players. Although some times there were some great disparity between the players, but with the spirit of “never to give up to present ourselves ,to carry on “, Through the exciting match ,Qiang Wang and Li Huang team get the champions of mixed play, Binli Song defeat all the others ,get the champion of the single play with a good grade.
Our leaders paid many attention to this match ,they did not only cheers for the players but also play themselves. It showed our good sports spirit, showed a happy harmonious, wonderful struggle scene.