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A crazy spring outing

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--------embrace spring, embrace nature

A spring breeze stroked the face, Poplars and willows were shooting out fresh green leaves, On the occasion of warm spring with flowers blossoming , In order to breath spring’s breath, enjoy the care of the nature, enhance the cohesion and centripetal force, our company organized all the staffs to have a spring outing .

In the morning of 5 May, the sun was shining brightly, meeting with the morning sun, we set out at 8 o’clock , arrived at the destination place at about 9 o’clock, it was Jinxiangshan Amusement Park .

When we got off the bus, we were infected by the Ever-roaring high mountains and flying birds around the JinXiangShan, we went to the water park at first, then we played the bump boat, Burma bridge, step on clouds bridge ,colorful bridge etc ,we played in the water , with the fancy and adventurous method to pass the bridge ,some times we climbed, some times we slided ,we enjoyed a good time together, with a good cooperation, we laughed loudly, we felt very happy during the sports.

The air was full of florale with wet breath, the sun was shining brightly like the gold through the large green vegetation, we went to the rainforest valley ,every leaf spit out wet oxygen, we felt we were likely in a wonderland ,the air was bright and clean, we enjoyed the mysterious beautiful scenery

Next we went to the happy valley, we took part in many adventure games in high spirits ,such as the disco turn plate,flying saucer,pirate ship, tornado etc, we released passion and creamed loudly during the crazy spin and rapidly movement; then we played some child interest games ,such as marry-go-round, bumper cars .our laugh was in happy valley all the way

At last ,we went to the CS game field ,there were planes ,artillery, trench etc ,it was the heaven for brave man ,quick witted, agile, circuitous,it is a world for wise man, a battlefield with no smoke of gunpowder, we not only relaxed our mind but also experienced friendship between us .

At 4 o’clock, the sun was still warm, we went back to the city center by bus ,after one day’s trip we felt a little tired , but still felt very happy .

Some staffs said that hope our company can organize more activities like this ,it not only promoted the friendship between us and enhanced our ability to work together with good cooperation, but also increased our whole qualityshowed the good spirit and characters of our company .