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Conference for first quarter’s work summary for the year of 2012 was successfull

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On 7,April ,2012.Conference for work summary of the first quarter and the work plan for the second quarter for the year of 2012 was successfully held in Jinan by the headquarters of China Yafeite Group Holding CO.,LTD, The four directors of marketing department, production department, administration department and finance department made a good analysis and summary for each other, they would carry forward the advantage, make up for the deficiency, make sure to see the situation soberly all the time, capturing the target ,seize the opportunity ,work steadily , to do a good job for the marketing work in 2012.At the same time, representatives for each subsidiaries also took part in the conference ,they gave a report for the main job and the accomplishment situation for the first quarter. At last the chairman and general manager made a summary for the first quarter and made a arrangement for the second quarter .