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Choose and use the right person, enhance advantage and avoid the shortage

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The array for staffs in Mr AiMo’s chair give me a huge inspire, for a manager of the enterprise, beside to be the most useful staff, the more important thins is to choose and use the real useful staff at the important position for the enterprise.
Firstly ,what kind of staff does the enterprise need
For a enterprise, the staff is the cell to keep the operative work of the enterprise, every operative working life body needs different kinds of cell, ,so the enterprise’s work need all kinds of staffs, according to Mr AiMo’s array for staff ,only the staff like a horse is deserved .at different company’s growing period and different position,all these four types of staffs are needed .
To see clearly the period of the enterprise, analysis what kind of staff is mainly needed, if it is at the mature period, the core staff need to stay stable and do something according to the rules and regulations strictly, but the market department and some other special department still need the staff with creative ability.
So, on the base of mastering the essence growing trend of the enterprise, to see clearly what kind of staff is needed for different position can lay a solid foundation for the enterprise to choose and reasonably arrange and use useful staff.
Secondly, to train and use different types of staff .
There are only a little staffs with good morality and talent between the staffs trained by the enterprise. But we can make the substandard staff tend to the standard one, to advance the value of the enterprise to the staff, to make the value of the enterprise in every staff’s heart .to be live in their subconscious. to convey the enterprise’s management idea and vision to every staff to motivate their enthusiasm in the work ,.Combine his value to give a important position to the staff that can help the enterprise reach the useful target .
As to the good staff that love their position ,with outstanding ability, we should give them a reasonable stage for their development, guide them to improve.
Set ourselves as a sample to improve ourselves’ ability
As the enterprise’s manager, we can decide the enterprise’s foundation ,to choose and use different types of staffs to build the whole organization structure for the enterprise can determine the future of the enterprise.
As a successful manager, firstly should to keep consistent with the enterprise at all aspects, such as the volume ,idea and the vision etc, At daily work ,active absorb relative information to enrich ourselves, to make people admire us for our ability. To make ourselves as a sample at every detail, when external condition is abrupt changed we can play well with other staffs, not to pose ourselves at a high position ,plant expect all time. To make people admire us for our glamour and charming character.
Choose and use the right person, enhance advantage and avoid the shortage
During the operation of the company ,not every staff is perfect ,not every one is swift horse. as a manager ,we should treat every staff as a talent scout’s attitude, to active find staff’s shinning point, give important position to the excellent staffs with good ability.
Not every horse is swift horse ,but every horse has its advantage and disadvantage, different staffs also have their advantage and disadvantage, when we arrange to mix them for the work, arrange the low ability on with the high ability one to make a good coorperation , its function is probably larger than the swift horse .
During the enterprise’s manufacturing management, To some extent manager is the one existed to help the staffs to be the most useful staff,Choose and use the right person, enhance advantage and avoid the shortage, guiding staffs to be the most useful staffs is the main duty for the manager .