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The Arrangement Of Spring Festival Holidays

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Another year begins . It is another starting point .
At the time of New Year. Our company feel grateful for your support and assistance.
In the new year ,we will obedience the company mission that assist cooperative partner realize his dream.
We will be always grateful .
Continue to create value for customers and society.
Ever repay you for our concern and trust.
Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy, rabbit in great luck

Dear Customers:

It is time again to bringing the Chinese New Year. We shall have a 10 days Spring Festival Holidays from January 20th to January 28th. During the holidays, if you have any requirements or any enquiry you can email to are glad to help you.Wish you happiness and prosperity in the year ahead!
Thanks for your support and understanding for this year, we are looking forward to a deeper cooperation between us next year.
 Best Regards
                                                                               Shandong Yafeite Abrasive Products Co.,Ltd.
                                                                                          January 20th, 2012